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Musical Theatre Webquest  

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Picture yourself in a cushioned chair, in an ornate auditorium as the stage curtain opens.  Click on the link below to see what happens on stage...

Seussical Montage

What did you see?  Of course, you saw singers, dancers, and actors performing.  Now, watch again and look a little more closely.  Are the performers alone on the stage, or surrounded by scenery?  Are they holding things or interacting with objects on the stage?  What are they wearing?

You are about to discover the complex workings that go on behind the scenes of a musical theatre production.  These are the jobs that make all the magic possible on stage!  Just 



YOU have just been hired as the Stage Manager for Acme High School's musical theater production.  As Stage Manager you must choose students to serve in the following "behind the scenes" roles:

  • Prop Master
  • Lighting Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Stage Crew
  • Costume Designer
  • Sound Technician

You must understand what is required by each of these roles so that you can choose the best student for each job. 

Today, please choose just ONE role to research.  You will use online resources to discover the responsibilities of this role.  You will also put careful thought into the personal qualities necessary for success in this role. 

When you have finished your research, you will show what you know by making a wordle and presenting it to the class.  Your wordle will include terms related to the responsibilities and personal qualities required by the job you chose to research. 



Use the links below to research your chosen role.  As you read about the role, focus on the responsibilities it requires.  Also, put thought into the personal qualities that would help someone to succeed in this role.

Now, show what you know by creating a wordle about the job you have researched.  The link to wordle, along with detailed expectations for your work, is found below.





Think carefully about the job you have investigated.  What responsibilities (painting, sewing, organizing, etc...) are involved in this job?  What personal qualities (strength, responsibility, creativity, knowledge in a specific area, etc...) would make a student well-suited to this job?

Create a WORDLE including at least 25 terms.  These terms must describe both:


  • Responsibilities associated with the job you researched
  • Personal qualities that will be necessary for success in this role


IMPORTANT:  Your wordle must emphasize one responsibility and one personal quality in a larger font.  The words you emphasize should be the MOST IMPORTANT terms in each category.  To be sure your chosen terms appear in larger font, enter them three or more times in your words list.



Now you understand what is required by the job you chose to research.  

You can apply this knowledge in your role as the stage manager of Acme High School's musical theater production, as you select a student who is well-suited to serve in this role.  Learning from the presentations of other students in class will give you a broader view of the "behind the scenes" jobs that make musical theater's onstage magic possible.


Things to Do When You're Done


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